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The Midway Renaissance named the event for Colonel John Francisco, the original owner of the property on which the city of Midway now stands.  In 1835, Francisco sold his farm to the Lexington and Ohio Railroad.  The L&O planned and built Midway, Kentucky’s first railroad town, so named because it is halfway between Lexington and Frankfort, the state capital. The festival premiered on the campus of Midway University, in 2004.  After appearances at Equus Run winery from 2011-2013, the Festival returned to the campus and has now become an annual festival in May. In 2018, the fair received new logo and a new name, Francisco’s Farm Art Fair. The committee contracted local graphic designers, Sara and Lee Busick (15United) to design a new logo, website and marketing materials.



Midway was the first town in Kentucky founded by a Railroad. Midway has a rich history of thoroughbred horses being the epicenter of the thoroughbred industry. Notable farms include; Nuckols Farm, Airdrie Stud, Waterford Farm and Three Chimneys, among others. The city has become a dining and shopping destination over the past 15 years. Only a few miles east, is Weisenberger Mills, founded in 1865, and is the oldest continuously operated mill in Kentucky. In 1937, Midway High School (closed '64), won the 1937 State Basketball Title. Midway has been a Tree City USA for over 13 years. The current Mayor of Midway is Grayson Vandergrift. 

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Midway University is a private university and was established in 1847 by Dr. Lewis L. Pinkerton, a Christian minister and physician. Originally named the Kentucky Female Orphan School, the original purpose of the institution was to educate female orphans to become teachers.  Through the years it has transformed from a high school to a junior college and now, Midway University is co-educational. The Eagles athletic teams compete in the NAIA. Midway University is known for excellence in its Business, Equine, Nursing, and Teacher Education programs. The school is formerly known as Midway College.  Dr. John Marsden is the current President. 

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Elisha Holt, Director

Debra Shockley, Volunteers

Ellen Gregory, Marketing/Midway University

Helen Rentch, Artist Relations

Jon Maybriar, Food Vendors / Logistics

Leslie Penn, Treasurer

Zachary Rankin, Social Media



Midway Renaissance is a non-profit organization working to preserve the historic town of Midway, Kentucky. They work to improve the quality of life for Midway's current residents, to make the town more appealing to those who visit, and to ensure economic vibrancy now and in the future. 

visit: midwayrenaissance.com


Sara and Lee Busick, 15United