FAIR Prospectus  

Francisco’s Farm Arts Fair will feature the work of a potential of 100 juried fine art and craft artists. The primary focus of the event is the outdoor exhibition and sale of juried fine art and fine craft. This venue gives our audience the opportunity to meet and interact with artists, and to purchase directly from the creators. The Festival is a two-day outdoor event, held RAIN OR SHINE at Midway University in Historic Midway, KY. Only in the most extreme weather conditions will management close the event. Complementing the artists’ booths will be food concessions, live music, public art projects, artist demonstrations, and other special exhibits. 

Accepted Disciplines and Eligible work

Francisco's Farm accepts applications in the following exhibition categories:

  • 2 dimensional (oils, acrylics, drawings, pastels, mixed media, watercolors, photography, original prints)

  • 3 dimensional and sculpture (ceramic, fiber, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, stone, wood)

All work exhibited must be original, designed and produced by the artist. Reproductions in two-dimensional art must be of high quality, be marketed as such, and preferably be numbered in a limited series. Artists selling reproductions of their work are required to also sell originals.

2019 artist calendar

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Booth Fees & Assignments

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Exhibit Location

Exhibits are set up on grassy ground along both sides of sidwalks on the campus grounds. Booth spaces are located near food concessions, loading areas, patron and exhibitor parking, and restrooms. 

Artist Amenities

  • Unparalleled assistance with unloading & loading

    - Cart in only. No vehicle access to booth.

  • Volunteers for booth sitting

  • Unequaled hospitality 

  • Extensive regional marketing and promotion 

  • Corporate and media sponsorships 

  • Opportunity to stay on campus in a rented dorm 

  • Promotional materials provided to artists 

  • Overnight security 

  • Competent & accessible management

  • Extraordinary outdoor setting


Judging for Artistic Awards takes place on Saturday and award winners with cash prizes are announced on Sunday morning. Artistic excellence is the criteria. 

Sales & Taxes

Artists retain all revenue from the sale of their work with no commission on sales due the Fair. Kentucky sales tax is 6%. The KY Department of Revenue imposes this tax upon all retail sales made within the state. Exhibitors will be given an official form at the event with which to remit taxes.


The event will provide electricity to a limited number of exhibitors on a first-requested, first-reserved basis. The fee for electrical service is $25 per exhibitor. Artists may also bring quiet, odorless generators or batteries to supply electricity to their booths, however if Festival staff determines a generator presents safety issues or is noncompliant with rules its use will be disallowed.


A limited amount of on-campus lodging is available. Information about this will be sent via email to artists accepted for the festival. Camping (with an RV, camper, tent, hammock, etc) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the campus of Midway University. Click here for lodging information.


  1. All artists are required to register on site on Friday, May 17, prior to setting up their booths. No early or late check-in or set-up is available.  

  2. Artists must be present with their work for the entire show – packing up before 5pm on Sunday is unacceptable; any artist leaving early will not be invited to future shows.

  3. Artists may only exhibit the category of work for which they are accepted to Francisco’s Farm 2019. Francisco’s Farm Staff will check all booths and artwork for adherence to rules and advise exhibitors of infractions that require immediate attention. Non-compliant artwork must be removed from booth.

  4. Exhibitors may not sell promotional items such as postcards, calendars, t-shirts, and other non-original, mass-produced promotional items.

  5. Vehicles and Trailers may not be parked within the exhibit area or visitor parking areas during the show. Exhibitors must park only in areas designated for their use.

  6. Extension to the rear of booths for storage is permissible to the extent that it does not interfere with adjacent exhibitors or traffic flow.

  7. Exhibitors are responsible for event-quality 10’x10’ or 10’x20’ tents that will protect their contents in the event of inclement weather. Tents and display materials must be constructed in a safe and stable manner.

  8. Tables must be draped to the ground unless table legs are an essential element of the display.

  9. Boxes, wrapping paper, bags, and general clutter must be concealed from view.

  10. Exhibitors are responsible for maintaining and leaving their assigned areas free of refuse and in good condition.

  11. Devices that produce sound must be operated in a manner that does not infringe on the rights of neighboring exhibitors. Francisco’s Farm Staff reserves the right to determine the acceptable sound level.

  12. Intoxication at the Festival is prohibited. 12.2- Exhibitors may not bring pets to the Festival.

  13. Exhibitors using generators must ensure quiet, odor-free operation that presents no safety issue nor imposition on neighboring exhibitors or visitors. Festival staff will determine whether generators are compliant and will disallow use of noncompliant generators. Non-compliance with any Rule may result in expulsion and/or ineligibility for future participation

  14. On campus lodging is only available in the dormitories. Camping (with a an RV, camper, tent, hammock, etc) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the campus of Midway University. Additional lodging options can be found on our website. 

Application Review and Notification Process

  • Artists are selected by a jury process. The jurors include non-applicant professional artists and other arts professionals. 

  • Artistic excellence is the sole criteria for selection of exhibitors. In a blind jury process, the panel will view each artist’s set of images. The top applicants will be accepted. Decisions of the jury panel are final.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing to:  Francisco’s Farm, PO Box 4354, Midway KY 40347- 4354 or emailed to info@franciscosfarm.org. There are no refunds of application fees. Cancellation deadlines are to be determined. 

Mailing Address

Francisco’s Farm Arts Fair
PO Box 4354
Midway, KY 40347-4354




Click to apply online using Zapplication.



Click to download printable form and apply by mail.



Are previous exhibitors automatically accepted?

The organizers are committed to creating a new mix of exhibitors each year. This may not seem helpful or fair to artists who have exhibited in the past, as it isn't a show that an artist can continue to count on year to year. However, one of our primary goals is to increase the number of visitors who come and purchase art, and offering a new show each year helps to create a loyal following for the show - visitors who consider it a show they want to return to each year - a show with a reputation for excellence and freshness - a show that is lucrative for the artists. Artistic excellence is the sole criteria for selection of exhibitors. The top applicants will be accepted, and Francisco's Farm Arts Fair establishes no quota or entitlement by media category.


Are previous exhibitors given preference in booth location?

The Fair will attempt to honor all specific location requests, but can make no guarantees. Applications are date-stamped when the application is Complete. Complete applications have all fields filled in and include images, artist statements, and payment of application fee. Accepted artists with specific space requests will be assigned spaces on a first-come, first served basis per the date-stamp on their application.


I exhibited at Francisco's Farm in the past, so I don't need to send images of my work, right?

Every applicant (including those in the Emerging Artist category) needs to submit three images with his or her application every year. Beginning in 2010 we also require an image of your booth. A new review panel is assembled each year, so some reviewers may have never seen your work before. You may also have created new work and the reviewers are always interested in seeing your most recent work.


Do I have to be a resident of Kentucky to apply?

Artists from anywhere in the country are invited to apply. Most of our exhibiting artists have been from the southeastern United States, but our reputation for outstanding artist hospitality services is drawing artists from other parts of the country, as well. 


Are handcrafted soaps, bath products, cosmetics, candles, or food products eligible?

Although we recognize the craft and creativity involved in producing these products, the organizers of the show have decided not to accept 'consumable art and craft', which includes soaps, lotions, bath products, cosmetics, candles, and food products.


I create beautiful, hand-painted silk scarves. I purchase the scarves. Is my work ineligible because the scarves are purchased? 

Items purchased and decorated, as well as work made from combining purchased commercial objects, are generally not considered to be handcrafted work; HOWEVER, strong overall design, interpretation, and originality can obviously affect the end result.

The intent of the rule is to promote original art and to exclude embellished commercially-mass-produced items in which the commercially mass produced element of the work dominates over the embellished dimension of the work. The determination is to what extent the purchased item itself is a "backdrop" for your original art. 


Are the designs original?

Do you create only multiples of one design, or items that are unique? These questions/answers help to make the determination. If you are uncertain as to the eligibility of your artwork, please feel free to inquire. 


Can two artists share one booth? 

Two artists may share one booth, but both must apply and be accepted individually. Email artist relations for arrangements. 


Where do you market the event? 

The Fair will be promoted in the Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati print, radio, and television markets, as well as through road signs and posters in the central Kentucky area. Exhibiting artists are strongly encouraged to promote the Festival, through press releases to their local media, distribution of postcards and hand-out cards, and through links from their web sites.


We're driving from a great distance. Can we stay in the dorms or camp on campus on Thursday night and Sunday night, too?

A limited amount of on-campus lodging is available. Information about this will be sent via email to artists accepted for the festival. Camping (with an RV, camper, tent, etc) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the campus of Midway University. Lodging information can be found on the Plan Your Visit page. 



We are happy to answer any other questions you may have about Francisco's Farm Art Fair.